Our Firm

We’ve seen how financial planning—or the lack of planning—affects families and businesses. After seeing many people struggle to find a clear financial path forward, we made a commitment to dedicate ourselves to helping people gain the necessary information and advice to make the most of their resources. Our business is built on a genuine desire to inform and serve.

As an independent business without obligations to any parent company’s special interest, our firm is uniquely qualified to serve you. While many financial advisors have restrictions on what they can offer you, we have vast research choices and products available to us, giving us the ability to research any strategy that works for you. Our success is directly connected to the client’s success. We don’t rely on outside interests to pay our bills. We share all of our costs and fees with you so that you know exactly what expenses to expect.

We are dedicated to finding individual solutions to solve the problems you face. We start by identifying all of the pieces of your financial puzzle and then integrate each piece into a coherent plan that leaves room for changes and transitions you may encounter. 

Located in Bingham Farms, Michigan, Lovelace and Hullum Financial Group is conveniently located near Detroit. We serve clients in Michigan as well as throughout much of the United States.